Luggage issues

Destruction, loss, damaging or delaying luggage registrated to the flight.

We have composed these instructions for passengers whose luggage has been delayed, damaged or lost. Please follow the instructions given below.

Delayed luggage

Immediately turn to the Lost & Found department who handle luggage problems. It is important to preserve any documents received from the Lost & Found department and/or air carrier. In addition you can find help from search engine WorldTracer.[1]

When any damages occur from the delay of the luggage, the passenger has the right to compensation. The maximal compensation is 1000 Special Drawing Rights 1210 euros as of 2018. In general the air carrier compensates damages which occured when buying sanitary products, underwear etc. We recommend to consult with the air carrier before. You have to notify the air carrier of occured damages in 21 days after receiving your luggage.

When the luggage missing more than 21 days, it is considered as lost.

Lost luggage

When the luggage is lost the air carrier has to compensate the value of the luggage. When the luggage is missing more than 21 days or the air carrier acknowledges the fact that the luggage is missing then the passenger has to file a claim against the air carrier. It is reccommended to add a list of belongings which were in the luggage and a approximate value of those items.

The maximal compensation is 1000 Special Drawing Rights – 1210 euros as of 2018. If you know that the value is higher then the aforementioned sum then it is recomended to registrate the luggage and pay additional fee to increase the maximal sum.

Damaged luggage

Air carrier has to be notified abotu the damages immediately but not less than 7 days later after receiving the luggage. It is recommended to add reservations, proof of damage (pictures) and a price offering of a similar luggage. If you have had the luggage repaired by a third person, you have to provide the air carrier the document/cheque of payment.

The air carrier is responsible for the damages caused to the luggage when the luggage was in possession of the air carrier during the time when the luggage was damaged. I.e. time between of handing over the luggage and receiving it.

The compensation for damages is limited to the maximal sum of 1000 Special Drawing Rights –  1210 euros as of 2018.

In case of layovers it is the easiest to file the claim with the air carrier who operated the last leg of the flight. That air carrier is obligated to help the passenger and in case of damages, compensate them. In most cases the passenger can file a claim against each of the air carrier who operated the different legs of travel.


We hope that this information was useful to you!

Flagito team